Dialogues in Toulouse #2

“The present arises only through the continued presence of YOU” Martin Buber.

What does a person need? Balance of stability and novelty. And also the opportunity to share both with those close in spirit and others in perception. What does a person who is tired of too much uncertainty need, when long-term efforts to adapt exhaust the body, and stability never comes?

In the era of non-human-sized speeds that are changing the world in which we live, there is a catastrophic lack of time to notice our own changes.

Dialogues in Toulouse No. 2” invites practicing Gestalt therapists (both new and experienced) to explore the professional transformations to which we are all inevitably subject.

To this end, we are launching the “Therapeutic Stories” format about how clients influence therapists, about professional transformations, about preventing burnout and all stages of professional deformation.

The program includes 3 topics for polylogues:

  1. A pandemic of meaninglessness. Identity crisis.
  2. Resources of despair.
  3. Order from chaos. Image of the future.

The event format includes:

  • Dialogue or polylogue on one of the specified topics;
  • Discussion in discussion groups;
  • Presentation of a therapeutic story (case);
  • Group discussion;
  • Morning and evening “madness” (bodily practices).

Maximum number of participants: 45 people.

Venue: France, Toulouse

Event schedule:

Check-in: 06/13/2024
Working days: 06/14/2024 – 06/16/2024 from 10:00 to 18:00
Departure: 06/17/2024

Invited masters of Gestalt therapy:

  • Alla Poverennova, leading trainer, president of NAGTU “Ukrainian Gestalt Institute”. Ukraine.

Organizing Committee:

  • Olga Kadysheva, psychologist, crisis psychologist, gestalt therapist, leading trainer of the NAGTU “Ukrainian Gestalt Institute”. Ukraine – France
  • Mikhail Slutskin, psychologist, accredited gestalt therapist of the NAGTU “Ukrainian Gestalt Institute”, leader of supervisory groups. Ukraine – Germany
  • Mikhail Baytalskiy, philosopher, PhD, gestalt therapist KhIGIP (Kharkov Institute of Gestalt and Psychodrama). Ukraine – USA

Registration fee: 400 EUR

Registration is closes 08.06.2024.

Registration form: https://forms.gle/f8qyZW6CkyxpJBjg8

Information about transfer and accommodations

Event schedule

For any questions, please contact the school organizing committee at: gestaltspring@gmail.com