Dialogues in Toulouse #1

On May 27, 2023 in Toulouse, France, we are launching a new project: the Spring School for Gestalt Therapists “Dialogues in Toulouse”.

The school is a new experimental and educational format created to expand the worldview and professional qualifications of psychologists practicing the Gestalt approach.

This format is for

  • 2nd degree students who begins their practice
  • Practicing therapists
  • Supervisors
  • Trainers

Venue: France, Toulouse


Olga Kadysheva, psychologist, crisis psychologist, gestalt therapist, leading trainer of the Ukrainian Gestalt Institute. Ukraine – France.

Mikhail Slutskin, psychologist, accredited gestalt therapist and supervisor of the Ukrainian Gestalt Institute, leader of supervisory and therapeutic groups. Ukraine – Germany.

Mikhail Baytalskiy, philosopher, Phd, gestalt therapist of HIGiP (Kharkiv Institute of Gestalt and Psychodrama). Ukraine – USA.

Guest Masters of Gestalt Therapy

Jean-Marie Robine, Gestalt-therapeute at the Institut Français de Gestalt Therapie. France.

Alla Poverenova, Leading Trainer, President of the Ukrainian Gestalt Institute (NAGTU). Ukraine.

Natalia Fok, psychologist, gestalt therapist, NAGTU, Kyiv Gestalt University. Poland.

Brigita Kaleckaite, Director of Vilnius Gestalt Institute, accredited supervisor EAGT, member of the EGAT ethics committee. Lithuania.

Event Schedule

  • Check-in: 26.05.23
  • First three days: 05/27/23 – 05/29/23
  • Day off: 30.05.23
  • The second three-day period: 31.05.23 – 02.06.23