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Translated from Greek, the word “school” means “leisure, free time.” In the Greek tradition, dating back to Plato, the school is a space for free citizens who have the privilege of spending their leisure time in reflection in the form of dialogues. School time – leisure time – is time that is not loaded with specific tasks, the need to get a result or give a specific answer, but it is a time of creative search.

Our school is a space for people who are theoretically and practically interested in Gestalt therapy and other humanistic trends in psychology, philosophy, anthropology and other human sciences. Here we create an environment in which we can reflect, comprehend and live our experiences together. A critical aspect of this space is the focus on professional and personal ethics. Issues of ethics, humanism and ecology of relationships are always at the center of our attention.

At our school you can get support in developing your professional identity as a psychotherapist, meet masters of domestic and world Gestalt therapy and philosophy, find a place where you can freely discuss complex issues of our time and have time for reflection and assimilation of your personal and professional experience.

As part of the school, we conduct face-to-face and virtual dialogues, collect therapeutic stories, accumulate and publish articles and video materials, and maintain communication on social networks. We value and develop relationships with participants in our projects and invite them to be speakers at our events, share their stories, thoughts, and take direct and immediate part in discussions.


Olga Kadysheva, psychologist, crisis psychologist, gestalt therapist, leading trainer of the Ukrainian Gestalt Institute (NAGTU). Ukraine – France.

Mikhail Slutskin, psychologist, accredited gestalt therapist and supervisor of the Ukrainian Gestalt Institute (NAGTU), leader of supervisory and therapeutic groups. Ukraine – Germany.

Mikhail Baytalskiy, philosopher, Phd, gestalt therapist of HIGiP (Kharkiv Institute of Gestalt and Psychodrama). Ukraine – USA.